Google Sites Admin Template

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Google Sites Admin template


This Google Sites admin dashboard is fitted with intelligent features that give you access to your business data in one place. We supply you with the template, forms, sheets and you simply edit the content to suit your needs.

Instant Buttons

Create your invoice using our automated form. Take copies of receipts to store for later tax purposes. Link straight to your Google Keep tasks and your Google Drive.

Google Sites admin template instant buttons
Unread Emails section


Keeps you updated on any unread G Mails you have so you know when something important arrives.

Calendar Snapshot

See instantly your monthly weekly or daily view for any appointments you have. You can choose which Google Calendar you want to use.


Show any important documents in one place and go straight to that document on Google Drive

Site Analytics

Check on how your website is performing with statistics for User visits, how long users stay on your site without having to open Google Analytics