Google Workspace Administration

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$40 per hour

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Certified for G Suite Administrator Fundamentals we can assist with the running of your Google Workspace Admin Console.

Services include :

Add or manage users

Add new accounts, rename a user, or reset passwords.

Create groups

Create group emails for different departments or projects.

Application Management – Gmail manage

Complete common Gmail settings, such as black and whitelists, email forwarding, and more.

Application Management – Google Drive

When an employee leaves, we can transfer the ownership of Google Drive to the designated successor.

Application Management – Calendar

Create public resources for reservations such as meeting rooms in Google Calendar.

Add domains

Create Google Workspace domain aliases or adding other domains for your organization.

Assign administrative role

Assign an employee as the super administrator or as other administrative role.

Manage security features

Set up various settings to improve the level of Google Workspace security for your company.

Set up company profile

Complete configurations including language setting, uploading the company logo and other settings for you.