G Suite Solutions for Small Business, Clubs and Schools

Making life easier

What is G Suite

G Suite is a set of applications created by Google that makes running your Business, Club or School easier and more efficient. It works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet and offers security that only Google can offer . G suite is GDPR and HIPAA compliant so you don't have to worry on that part. If you want to use G Suite with Outlook we can integrate the two or if needed migrate your data to G Suite.


We offer G Suite solutions through our packages with set prices and a no fuss set up. Each package is bespoke and contains the correct services to suit your business, club or school needs.

Packages include :

  • Website / Intranet
  • Easy forms for your customers or work colleagues
  • Collaboration tools to make it easier to communicate with colleagues eg chat or meeting rooms online
  • Spreadsheets with in built automation to make every day work easier
  • and many more services ....

If you would like to have an informal chat on a specific requirement then please use the form in our contact us page.

Put us to the test

G Suite offers a wealth of products and services we are confident that it can solve most if not all Business requirements. If you would like a solution using G Suite we can advise and set that up for you. Simply use the form below to send us the business problem you would like solved.