Business IT on a Budget

So you are just starting a business or already have a business but finding the IT support expensive and most of the time not working. Having spoken to numerous Business owners I get the same story 'My website is costing me a fortune to run', 'Have you seen how much they want to change a page for me', ''my IT system always seems to be breaking down and they charge me to fix it'. The list goes on and that seems to be the norm but it doesn't have to be that way.

In all types of Business managing IT expenses can be difficult but there is a way to get all of the productivity and collaboration tools you need for a small monthly cost. Google Workspace along with other Google applications offer in-built security and virtually no downtime that only a large corporate business such as Google can offer. All this from only £4.14 per month per user making it affordable for any budget.

Let’s see what can be done with this £4.14.

  • Create a website using Google Sites and host it for free. Fully responsive so looks good on all devices and easy to edit with a drag and drop interface. You can even link it to your domain name eg to give a more professional look.

  • Email using the famous and well respected Gmail. Choose to have your as well as admin@ or help@ making it easier to deal with customer queries.

  • Google Forms are underestimated and can provide an excellent way to gather data from your customers and colleagues. You can even place them on your Google Site.

  • Google Sheets offer ways of automating your finances and providing reports that make it easier to understand how the business is performing

  • Google Analytics gives you an insight into how your website is performing and coupled with Google Ads makes a great Marketing platform.

The list of tools is much bigger and above only shows some of the advantages of using Google Workspace all for as little as £4.14 per month

So what are you waiting for

Book an appointment below and have a chat with us to discuss your requirements or concerns and we can advise on the best plan for you, we also offer 10% off the first year on either the Google Workspace Business Starter plan and the Google Workspace Business Standard plan.