How to add link Button to G Mail Signature

How to add a link button to G Mail signature on a Chromebook

Unfortunately In the G Mail signature box ( Gmail > Settings > Signature ) does not support any HTML input so it can be difficult to add a Button for action into it. Why a button you may ask, well you may want to promote a link for a service and in this example we are using the G Suite referral program buttons.  The only solution for this is to paste the button into the Signature box and this method can be found on the web by simply copying from a browser but does not work when using a Chromebook.  We look at ways around this. 

Lets use the buttons for the referral program link here , you will see two buttons both having links in them for your referral link (use your link ) or your email address. Take the first button which gives the below 

<a href="add-your-referral-link-here"><img src=""/></a>

In your Chrome browser open the the image part eg and copy it. 

Create a new google doc (  and name it Button , in the doc paste the image that you just copied so you now see this 

Right click on the image and choose Link , you should now see this 

Now add your link , in this case we would use our referral link given to us but you can use what you like so that your recipient is taken to your web page etc. Click on apply and link should then show as follows 

Click away from image and then right click back on it, choose Copy.  Go back to your Signature box in your G Mail settings and paste directly into this, what you are doing is pasting the full image and its link. Save your settings and do a test email to someone to make sure it works 

Thats it ! you can always use different images and links but hopefully this will work for you if you have a chromebook.