Frequently asked questions

Why should I go through you and not Google for my G Suite

Good question and one that is asked a lot. By going through us as a certified G Suite Reseller you have premium support from a Google vetted business which offers a wide range of specialist help. If you prefer to go through Google directly or have already done this then we are always here to provide support via our Products.

What is a Domain

A Domain is an address that your customers will use to connect to your website eg . If you already have a registered Domain then we can help with pointing it to your new google site. If you need a new Domain name then we will help you choose the right one for you and register this so you own the address.

What is a G Suite licence

One G Suite licence allows one person access to the full G Suite applications together with a specified amount of storage. They will receive their own email address eg which allows them to separate email and documents from other employees in the business. The amount of G Suite licenses you need depends on how many employees you have that need their own licence and the roles that they have. If need advice then please contact us

Why do I need Google my Business

When someone searches on google for a florist or any other local business they will get the results in a list at the top of the page, showing names and a map location. These results are for business that have set up Google my Business.

What can I see from Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives details about visitors to your website which includes how often they visit, for how long and which page they view.