Frequently asked questions

What happens with a bespoke Public Website or Intranet

When we receive your quotation request form we will respond with a price for completing your website. Should you accept the quotation we then ask for a 50% deposit and remaining 50% payment upon satisfactory completion. We want you to be satisfied with your website and offer full support during and after development.

During the process of developing the wesbite we will update you at every stage and you can view the wesbite progress as we progress. When you have taken ownership of your site we will also assist you in adding a domain URL to it.

How do I set up my Google Sites template

When you purchase one of our Google Sites Templates we send you an email with a link to the template. Simply open this link and choose the Duplicate Site option shown in picture below. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER . You might also want to choose the Share with same editors option so we can assist you further on setting up.

What support do you offer

All our Google Sites Templates and bespoke websites / intranets come with an aftercare support. If you need help with adding your Domain name or updating your site we are here to assist. Please use our contact us form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Does it cost me anything to host a New Google Site

Google Sites is a product provided as part of Goole Workspace ( formally know as G Suite ) and there is no cost for hosting. No matter how many sites you create this will always be free.

What is a Domain

A Domain is an address that your customers will use to connect to your website eg www . If you already have a registered Domain then we can help with pointing it to your new google site. If you need a new Domain name then we will help you choose the right one for you and register this so you own the address.

What is a G Suite licence

One G Suite licence allows one person access to the full G Suite applications together with a specified amount of storage. They will receive their own email address eg which allows them to separate email and documents from other employees in the business. The amount of G Suite licenses you need depends on how many employees you have that need their own licence and the roles that they have. If need advice then please contact us

Why do I need Google my Business

When someone searches on google for a florist or any other local business they will get the results in a list at the top of the page, showing names and a map location. These results are for business that have set up Google my Business. We can help with setting up your google my business account, simply contact us with your details.

Can G Suite host a website

Yes using Google Sites. Collaboratively create engaging, high-quality sites for your team, project or event. Google sites look great on all screens, from desktop to smartphone. All without learning design or programming. Our Google Sites templates are easy to adapt for your business.

Can I use Google Sites using my free Google Account

You can use Google Sites for free with a personal Google Account. However, you won't get a custom website address such as Instead, your site address will be

If you need your email and website address to end with your business name ( then click on button below to check out the G Suite price plans. If you need help setting up please visit our Services page.

Setting up a Google Analytics account

You can use your Google Analytics account with your Google Site which helps you understand the traffic to your site and improve its performance. We offer free set up of Google Analytics on all templates. This includes :

  • Adding link code to your website

  • Creating three views Master, Test and Unfiltered.

  • Create custom Dashboards and Reports

In order to set up your Google Analytics account and allow us access to assist please follow these steps :

  1. Go to

  2. click Start for free.

  3. Input your Gmail or Email address and password

  4. Click on button 'Start measuring'

  5. Input account name, this can be anything you like that relates to what your measuring eg mycompanyname. Click Next

  6. Input your property, this can be the URL of the site you want to measure eg Update Timezone currency etc and click Next

  7. Click on areas about your business and then click Create.

  8. Accept all agreements

  9. Bottom left of screen you should see a link for Admin. Clink this link and then choose Account User Management. ( see image right/below )

  10. Click on plus button top right to add a new user and input the email address given to you when purchased a template from us. Make sure that you tick Editor access ( see image right/below ). We will then receive your invite and create the needed set up for you.

Add User access

If you have any problems with setting up your Google Analytics account please contact us for help.