Why Google Sites make sense

Having read some of the recent reviews on Google Sites advantages and disadvantages I thought it best to clarify on some of the reviews made.

What is Google Sites

It's an application offered by Google that helps you create a website or intranet site. The interface is easy to use and it is free if you have a google account. The main advantage is that it incorporates G Suite products making it easier for you to share slides, forms and spreadsheets etc. 

Classic and New Google Sites 

In 2008 Google Classic Sites was introduced and after many years, like all software improvements, it was decided to introduce New Google Sites as a replacement. Currently it is advised that you start to use the New Sites version but if you already have a Classic Site you have until the end of 2021 to transition to New Sites, which gives plenty of time. 


Like all website builders where hosting is included there will always be a risk that the application may be shut down. Google is the same as any company, should the application not be profitable then we can expect this. However based on the many years Google Sites has been offered and that Google is a massive organisation (bigger than most other companies offering the same service) this may offer more security.

Short and Long Term Business Website

New Google Sites offers a wide range of options especially its ability to include G Suite applications. This has a major advantage over other website builders and is particularly suited to creating Intranet sites where documents can be privately shared between employees. 

There are however some limitations that may not meet the requirements of a business and if this is the case you will be better looking for an alternate application. 

Should your business requirements be met by Google Sites then I see no reason why its not suitable for long term as well as short term use.

Lack of Google Sites Templates

Yes the website builder does not come with set templates but that is the point of a builder. As the interface is simple and easy to use then building your own site is not that difficult and offers a low learning curve without the need for programming. 

We do offer templates that are ready to go should you not want to do this yourself. 


Forms are a great example of adding interactivity to a Google Site. Users can add comments to pages or send requirements using Google Forms interactive layouts. 

Marketing Features 

There is the standard of linking your Google Analytics which allows you to monitor the performance of your website and make alterations based on results. You can use Analytics to view how your Google Adwords are performing.

Custom Domain Name

It is possible to host your Google Site under a custom domain name and you will need to have a G Suite account as well as a registered domain name. Google Domains is a great way to register the domain you need. 


This to me is the main reason Google Sites is competitive. Currently ( 12th Feb 2020 ) the G Suite basic licence is only £4.14 per month per user and this offers you not only Google Sites but a vast set of business applications. If you compare this to other website builders then its great value for money without the complex set up eg finding hosting and paying for business software on top

Google Sites does have its limitations but so do other website builders and as I mentioned it all depends on your needs. If it does meet your needs then Google Sites does make sense.